“US Marshals Rescue Neglected Dogs During Arrest Operation in Rockwood, PA with Somerset County Humane Police Officers”

“US Marshals Rescue Neglected Dogs During Arrest Operation in Rockwood, PA with Somerset County Humane Police Officers”

Rockwood, PA — June 2, 2024

In a remarkable turn of events, US Marshals saved the lives of two neglected dogs while attempting to arrest a suspect in Rockwood, Pennsylvania, Somerset County. The operation, initially aimed at apprehending a man with an outstanding warrant, took an unexpected turn when agents discovered animals in dire conditions inside a trailer.

Disturbing Discovery
US Marshals Services agents arrived at the property to arrest a suspect but were met with a disturbing scene. Inside the trailer, they found dogs in extremely poor condition, surrounded by feces. The animals were visibly malnourished and in need of immediate medical attention.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the agents promptly alerted the Somerset County Humane Police of the PA Animal Protective Society and SPCA. The humane officers responded swiftly, arriving at the scene to assess the condition of the animals.

Rescue and Rehabilitation
Upon arrival, the humane officers seized two dogs that were in particularly bad shape. The animals were immediately transported to a veterinary clinic for evaluation and treatment. The swift actions of the US Marshals and the Humane Police ensured that the dogs received the care they desperately needed.

The owner of the dogs, Rodger Dearmitt, was charged with animal cruelty. He pleaded guilty to the charges, acknowledging his responsibility for the deplorable conditions in which the dogs were found.

New Beginnings
The rescued dogs have since been placed with loving families, where they are receiving the care and attention they deserve. The PA Animal Protective Society and SPCA expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the US Marshals, emphasizing the importance of inter-agency cooperation in addressing such issues.

“This case highlights the critical role of cooperation between law enforcement and animal protection agencies,” said a spokesperson for the Somerset County Humane Police. “We are grateful for the quick response of the US Marshals, which allowed us to intervene and save these animals.”

Community Reaction
The community has responded with an outpouring of support for the rescued animals. Local residents have praised the efforts of the US Marshals and the Somerset County Humane Police, recognizing the importance of addressing animal cruelty and ensuring the welfare of vulnerable animals.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the unexpected ways in which law enforcement can make a difference. While the primary goal was to arrest a suspect, the operation led to the rescue of two innocent lives. The successful rehabilitation of the dogs and the accountability of their owner mark a significant victory for animal welfare in Somerset County.

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